Barcelona in your walls

The subject of this works is mainly Barcelona but also París and Madrid.

In lesser way there are some still life and portraits.
Techniques vary depending on being oil paint, mixed technique (watercolored background or oil paint) or acrilichs.

All is canvas or wood. All work can be unstapled and rolled up to be sent to the customer.

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Albaricoques azules

oleo lienzo 46 x 27

Barcelona Miró

oleo lienzo 100 x 81

Barcelona night

mixta lienzo 81 x 92

Casa Batlló

oleo lienzo 50 x 65

Cruce de incógnito

mixta lienzo 100 x 81

Duquesa de Cardona

técnica mixta 54 x 65

Hotel Arts 2

oleo lienzo 93 x 72

Hotel Arts sud

mixta lienzo díptico 130 x 81

Majestic 2

mixta lienzo 65 x 81

Montserrat Caballe

oleo lienzo 61 x 50

Taxis en Manhattan

oleo lienzo 61 x 50


mixta lienzo 81 x 65

Torre en la calle Pelayo

oleo madera 30 x 42

Jansione montana

Botó blau - Botón azul - Sheep's bit

Campanula scheuchzeri

Campanetes - Campanillas - Bellflower


Barcelona in your walls