Creativity is for me the explosion of an interior volcano that has been blocked for years.
That volcano has been waiting to be open.
I wouldn’t know if there were circumstances that didn’t work until now.

What does it contribute to my creativity?

1. Promote and care for a contemplative attitude all the time, and look around as you would have never seen anything before.
2. Take advantage of any inch of inspiration to “electrify” or excite creative ideas.
3. Vital attitude is very important! Be POSITIVE! and because this don’t come easy, fight against negativity.

4. Fight against time, the more time we have, the less we do.

5. Do not pretend to do a definite work, the question is experimenting.


These are my five rules.

From here it comes everything. It is not just a creation, everything can be experimented.

Inés Vallès



Barcelona in your walls