Life is a gift with expiration date that we need to take advantage of. Profession, family and time out are the three fields where we develop social relations and build that mix of convention and creation that defines the human community.

When we get old we discover the realities of life. One of the basic rules is to have a profitable life, also be a sensible person and be adaptable to social conventions. But the other face of life is the absence of responsibility. And you can live that when creation is an important thing in your life.

Liberty, authenticity, dialog
Social rules are necessary but secondary, because passion for life leaves them cornered: the traditional values of productivity are dead when you don’t give them a new life. And life is short: let’s be creative!
Maximum value of life is to be useful to others, contribute to the community with something. And what else can you contribute with but yourself? From authenticity there is a transmission of values and services that productivity doesn’t perceive.
Live in radical freedom, to do what you fancy, what it comes from the inside, is living with creativity. I work on the areas where I find myself interested, a truth to discover, a new light to enlighten our world, a forgotten point of view, is my way to give back to society all that my family has passed on to me.


I look to my siblings and their concerns and I see I am well accompanied in this road of creation and freedom. Parents, uncles, grandparents and great-grantparents tought us without words. Be part of ArtVallès with my sisters make me feel supported and allows me to enjoy the joined work : we all three cover diverse knowledge, that we easily share. We communicate so well that after a good conversation we end saying: we seem like sisters!
Everybody has got references, and my referent is my aunt and godmother Mia Botey Guarro, that lived in la Cerdanya and painted flowers of the Pyrenees mountains. She didn’t spend her life time in things she is not interested, she dedicated all her energies to her passions: drawing, batik, archeology, stones, animals and mountains. And she has gifted us with a wonderful book, la Petita flora de la Cerdanya, that is a total guide of a way of life. The year 2016 she received the Egozcu Award, from ¨Grup de Recerca de la Cerdanya¨, that has just published an interview which portraits her great curiosity, perfectionist work and simplicity of life.

Cultural diffusion

My favorite field of expression is the cultural diffusion that allows us a dialog with society. The cultural transmission of knowledge acquired with liberty and authenticity is humanices and gets people near to the understanding of the world and moves them far away from stereotypes of alienating ideologies.
The fields I am lately expanding on are the didactics of the classic world, the family files and unavoidably the relationship between Catalonia and the Spanish State, and also the minority languages of Spain and our collective history and of the history of the Catalan train.
I continue learning from child psychology, morpho-psychology, didactics of different interests, and the life of plants. Also the relationship between solar and lunar cicle with every day life that farmers know so well. I still feel interested in types of rocks and mountains because I still don’t have enough knowledge. I make the effort to learn the new languages of audiovisual expression. I want to come back to cultivate cross stitch, the petit point, watercolor painting, sculpture, flute, coral singing, and dedicate myself finally to do cushion point. And what never ends, the thirsty search of the Soul.
From time to time I am writing and hanging my discoveries in here:
About familiar files: https://arkiablog.wordpress.com
About first train of Catalonia and Spain: http://www.biada.com/
About the greek world, a collaborative blog with my students:  https://solosequenosenada99.wordpress.com


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