The fact of traveling has its advantages. The years I spent in Sweden and Finland made me discover the new light that wakes up after the winter. And that is how my artistic vocation started up. The battle with new languages and different cultures was a challenge that made me to increase my thoughtfulness and creativity.

My art

As a philosopher I am interested in the kitchen and dining room of creativity. As an artist I have evolved in themes and in techniques. I have dedicated a large part of my work to the urban environment in which I live, mainly of my beloved Barcelona. Lately I paint Botanical Art trying to capture the natural world that is threatened and is getting out of hand. I enjoy the wonder of nature and I seek to share it through art.

A must mention is my aunt Mia Botey i Guarro who has dedicated 40 years to drawing more than 300 species of flowers that she has compiled in her famous book “Petita flora de Cerdanya” which is now in its third edition. I want to continue his legacy and his love for the world of plants.


The most remarkable feature of most human beings is growing up against adversity, that is being creative. We all are creative, and also we can educate ourselves to be.
Certainly in my case, I had a familiar background that made easy to create, and I always liked to share that gift. 

Creativity is born on a freedom ´s nest. We often think that creativity is the result of concentration, finding solutions to problems, but in fact, to concentrate only in one part of the problem can block us. When the attention to the problem is weak, it seems we are not paying enough attention, but some subconscious part is working freely to find the solution.
I am fascinated by the pedagogy of creativity, that is to make people discover their own potential. And I am not speaking only about the art.
Creativity can be artistic, emotional or scientific. In any of these fields we need freedom to grow up in different circumstances of life and knowledge. And this is the most human of human life.


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Gerani - Geranio - Crane's bill

Strelitzia reginae

Au del paradís - Ave del paraíso - Bird from paradise

Orquidea cymbidium

Orquídea - Orquídea - Orquid

Paeonia lactifora

Peònea - Peónea - Peony

Zantedeschia aethiopica

Lliris d'aigua - Calas - Calla lily


Anturi - Anturio - Anthurium

Silybum marianum

Carlina mariana - Cardo mariano - Milk thistle

Tropaeolum majus

Caputxina - Capuchina - Nasturtium

Dactylorniza fuchsii

Orquídea de muntanya - Orquidea de montana - Common spotted orquid

Campanula scheuchzeri

Campanetes - Campanillas - Bellflower


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